Privacy Policy

Our policy is based on a simple principle: the rightful owner of your data or personal details is you. Where we are the temporary custodians of this, we try to take every care you would expect.The same ethos applies to corporate property. Aerial Filming is a creative process where intellectual property rights are always respected and this principle also applies to meetings, notes, emails or other correspondence. Our clients have a right to privacy at all times, in whatever medium that information lies.

Operating Principles

We treat all data as required under the Data Protection Act 1998. Even where this allows, we do not share personal data other than for operational reasons or unless required by law to do so. Where there is an operational need to share information or data, we will always seek written permission from you first. Helicopter Film Services (HFS) takes care of your data and have not yet had unauthorised access to systems, or data. 

Cookie Policy

The only cookies used on our website are anonymous, third party analytics cookies. They exist solely to help us manage our website and provide good access to information for our visitors. Our website server records visitor information, as any web server will. This is used purely for statistical purposes and not to track individuals.We do not run ads on our website, related tracking scripts, session cookies, or any intrusive monitoring. Any information provided is not tailored to the visitor in any way.

If you have any questions on our privacy policy, or any similar point, please feel free to contact us. Our company is overseen by a team of founding staff and experienced managers, who understand the environment we work within.  If you have privacy or security needs, we are happy to help.

Helicopter Film Services is a trading name of Helicopter Film Services Limited, company registration number 3157471, incorporated in England. HFS Aviation is the trading name of HFS Aviation Ltd, company registration number 8081540 Both have their Registered address at Hangar M, Denham Aerodrome, Hangar Road, Uxbridge, UB9 5DF. United Kingdom.