Helicopter Leasing

The AS 355 Twin Squirrel helicopter is a very versatile helicopter. The aircraft can cover a multitude of utilities from Medevac, Load Lifting, Pipeline/Railway Surveying to Missile Range Recovery. As well as having low operating costs this type of twin engine helicopter makes for an effective tool for all utility flight functions.

Utility Configurations

Versatility and Choice is at the heart of Leasing

The versatility, agility and low operating costs of our twin-engine helicopters make them an effective tool for various utility flight functions.

Our aircraft can be leased for pipeline or railway line inspections, as well as site surveys for property developers. They can also be adapted quickly and easily to fit gyro-stabilized camera mounts and thermal imaging equipment.

Our helicopters are also ideal for under-slung, time-critical courier and medevac work.

In short, our fleet can be adapted to all utility configurations.



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Are you Interested in Helicopter Leasing?

Should you require more information about leasing one of our twin engine helicopters please feel free to contact one of the HFS Aviation team.